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Easy Daily Planner - Everything in One Place.

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This Easy Notion Daily Planner will help keep you Organized!

Effortlessly plan your schedule, set priorities, and track tasks for maximum productivity. Download & customize our template and boost your efficiency right now!

What's included in the template?

  • Daily Tasks & Checklists
  • Journaling & Easy Budget Tracking
  • Set your Goals
  • Web-links section.
  • Schedule & Overview your Weekly Agenda.
  • Easy navigation for research & so much more!


- Does this template work with Notion’s free plan?

Yes. This template will work perfectly fine with Notion’s free plan. Rest assured, you can use it for personal use as well.

- Can I personalize my template?

Yes you can! Duplicate the template onto your Notion workspace, and You can begin customizing your template right away. Feel free to make as many changes as you want.

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What's inside,

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Easy Daily Planner - Everything in One Place.

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